Welsh Limoncello made in Wrexham


Limoncello is a vibrant Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in southern Italy, especially around the Gulf of Naples, the Amalfi Coast, and Sicily. It’s famous for its bright lemon flavor and is often enjoyed cold as an after-dinner digestif. The creation of limoncello involves steeping lemon zest in a neutral spirit and then mixing it with a simple syrup.

Making limoncello at home is quite simple. You’ll need lemon peel, a high-proof clear alcohol, sugar, and water. It’s a common homemade liqueur, with many families having their own special recipes. In Italy, it’s a sign of hospitality and often served to guests as a warm welcome.

If you’re interested in making limoncello, there are numerous recipes that can guide you through the process, from preparing the lemon peels to bottling the final product. It’s a delightful project that yields a liqueur perfect for personal enjoyment or as a thoughtful homemade gift.

For a refreshing summer beverage, try a Limoncello Spritz, which is a mix of limoncello, sparkling water, and a dash of wine. Whether sipped alone or in a cocktail, limoncello offers a taste of Italian sunshine in every glass! 🍋


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